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Würth Elektronik Announces VirtualExpert Conference Forum “WE meet @ digital days 2020”

From 1st to 3rd of December (each from 8 am to 6 pm) Würth Elektronik organizes the virtual conference “WE meet @ digital days 2020” with an extensive program of various technical presentations. The virtual conference offers technical and technology presentations on applications and design-in support – all with an interactive question-and-answer part.

In addition, experts from the component manufacturer will be presenting many new products from the Passive & Electromechanical Components, Power Modules & Optoelectronics, Automotive, Frequency Products and Wireless Connectivity & Sensors divisions in English live presentations.

Those interested can find the program and free registration for the three-day online forum at The sessions can be attended individually.

The technological development of components and electronic designs continues to progress rapidly even in the pandemic. In order to keep customers and interested parties up to date, Würth Elektronik is actively establishing new information channels and is shifting the contact possibilities familiar from trade fairs and events to the online world. In response to the Corona-related cancellations of important trade shows, Würth Elektronik has also set up a virtual booth on its website, which will also be part of the conference.

For “WE meet @ digital days 2020” the developers and experts at Würth Elektronik have covered a wide range of topics. There will be lectures on thermal simulation and calculation for power modules in REDEXPERT, on ranges and characteristics of coaxial cabling, on EMC filtering in automotive electronics or on design effects of the reduction of quartz crystals. It is about Single Pair Ethernet and ribbon cables as well as cable ferrites, capacitors, gate driver circuits or electromechanical board connections, LEDs in horticultural applications or EMC troubleshooting. In individual lectures of the expert forum, the speakers can be contacted directly via chat functions in order to clarify questions and comments immediately in the online dialog. The experts will also be available for individual consultation after the event. In addition, all lectures are available as recordings on the website.

Interested parties can view the extensive lecture program at and register for the individual topics of the online event “WE meet @ digital days 2020”.

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